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Make a Difference

The Hughie Awards will celebrate the love of music.


The Hughie Awards 2020

The annual music scholarship was created, by family and friends, in honour of Hugh Langin – brother, uncle, friend, and music fan. Hughie was Halifax’s living statement that each of us has, within us, the strength to change and im­prove our life – no matter the challenges. In his heart, Hughie was a musician. He had an uncanny ability to not only spot musical talent but to see potential in everyone.

His greatest passion was music. He loved every genre – blues, rock, folk, reggae – but he held a special place for jazz. Like his personality, his passion was infectious, simple and pure.

These awards will be granted to musicians, music students or independent artists, from Nova Scotia, who exhibit these characteristics and who will benefit most from this financial support.


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Hughie’s greatest passion was music

The Hugh Douglas Langin Fund will give Hughie Awards of financial support to deserving music students and musicians in Nova Scotia.

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