About the Hughie Awards

The Hughie Awards will celebrate the love of music.

The annual music scholarship was created, by family and friends, in honour of Hugh Langin – brother, uncle, friend and music fan. Hughie was Halifax’s living statement that each of us has, within us, the strength to change and im­prove our life – no matter the challenges. In his heart, Hughie was a musician. He had an uncanny ability to not only spot musical talent but to see potential in everyone.

His greatest passion was music. He loved every genre – blues, rock, folk, reggae – but he held a special place for jazz. Like his personality, his passion was infectious, simple and pure.

These awards will be granted to musicians, music students or independent artists, from Nova Scotia, who exhibit these characteristics and who will benefit most from this financial support.

OPEN TO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS – Continuing to Post Secondary Music Education

The Up and Coming Hughie – A bursary of $500 (applied to tuition)

An award for high school students entering a post-secondary program to study music. Applicants will submit a letter of intent, describing their goals for the future, and post a video on You Tube of them performing. Deadline is June 12th, 2020. Winner will be announced mid- June.


The Born Performer Hughie – A bursary of $500 (applied to tuition)

Awarded to the incoming NSCC Music Arts student with the highest score on the performance part of their audition. Winner will be announced mid- June.

The Support Hughie – A bursary of $500 (applied to tuition)

Awarded to the first year NSCC Music Arts student who has demonstrated superior work ethic and who has financial challenges with the cost of their education. Winner will be announced mid- June.

The Recognition Hughie – $1000 (a cash award)

Awarded to the graduating NSCC Music Arts Student who has demonstrated hard work, dedication, improvement and who wishes to continue with their music career. Winner will be announced mid- June.

OPEN MUSIC CREATION AWARD – Open to residents of Nova Scotia

The Dream Hughie – $2500 (a cash award)

An award as a major gift to a musician in the community who has a dream, a vision and a plan and needs financial assistance to put it all together. The project can include, but is not limited to, a recording, video, composition or course of study. Applicants will design and present a project to the committee and it would be judged on its merits. The award is available to residents of Nova Scotia. Applications will be accepted up until the deadline on June 12th, with the winner being announced mid- June.